• Blockchain

    A ledger that's most commonly used to transfer and store value in the form of a currency. Every blockchain has one or more currencies called "cryptocurrencies".

  • Ethereum

    A blockchain with a native currency called Ether. Ethereum lets developers create computer programs that run without needing to rely on one single computer. These programs are called smart contracts.

  • Metaverse

    A part of the virtual world that feels like a separate universe, like a video game or VR experience.


    An apparel brand that mixes your style in the physical world with that of the virtual using mixed reality experiences.

  • Mixed Reality

    The blending of the physical world and the virtual world. Mixed reality is two things. It's what we experience when we see parts of the virtual world layered on top of the physical world, like when we use filters. It's also what we experience when completely virtual experiences feel like the physical world in some way, like when we play a VR game.

  • NFT

    A non-fungible token. An NFT is a special type of smart contract that lets us create rare or collectible digital items.

  • Physical World

    The "real" world. The physical world is where you breathe air, feel gravity, and touch things. It's the world where you've spent most of your life!

  • Smart Contract

    A computer program that is created and ran on Ethereum.

  • Virtual World

    The world that exists online and in digital spaces. You enter the virtual world whenever you use your phone, tablet, or computer. You're spending more of your time in the virtual world every day. You're in the virtual world when you're surfing the web, playing video games, or just watching videos.