How To Show Off Your MEZCLA

Something like MEZCLA apparel is a completely new thing, so it may be a bit confusing to get the most out of your items. Here are some quick tips on how to wear your MEZCLA depending on the situation. Remember to use the hashtag #BeyondReality in your social media posts for a chance to be featured on our page.

For the pics

If you're taking normal pictures in MEZCLA apparel, feel free to style how you want. At the end of the day our clothing is still clothing, and you have 100% of the freedom to express yourself as you please.

For the filters

If you're looking to take your pictures to the next level with our social media filters, pinch your shirt at the top corners of your chest and hold it up so the design is flat for the camera. Make sure the camera is pointing straight at the design for best results. And don't be afraid to get close to the camera to make sure the design is clear and in frame. Good lighting always helps, too.